360 Rotating Car Phone Holder / Mount

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If you are looking for a  Car Phone holder!  You are in right place. This is available here

Minimalist design, very hard plastic high-quality material. Strong stable, high suction. Handy and effective suction cup with a lever action, easy to install and take off. Quick and easy to get the phone in and out of the holder. Comes in the retail package. 360-degree rotation system, suitable for all kinds of mobile phone, PDA, media player etc. You can move and rotate in all directions, no problems with holding on the sun.

Stick around a magnet or oval magnet behind your phone or behind the phone case. Combine the magnet on the back of the phone with the magnet on the stand. The stand will support your phone.

Product Features

  • Use the mobile phone can be done through the mobile phone bracket.
  • Use the stand to easily pick up or drop the phone.
  • This mobile phone holder can accommodate all models of mobile phones, not just on the car, but also in desks, bedrooms, and bathrooms.