LED Projector Alarm Clock

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If you looking for LED Projector Alarm Clock! you come on the right place.your choice is available here.

VOICE GIVING TIME: Time can be read when you press the dome. Just turn off the invoice if you don’t want the time to be read. Please REMOVE the LED display protective film before you use.
5-15s LED Projection Time: Projection will stay on 5-10s after you press the dome. You could also read time just open your eyes in the morning. Please NOTE projection time could NOT stay on all the time, it's designed to save energy and keep safe from overheating of constant projecting. 

LCD Screen Displayed: Time, Temperature, Alarm (if you’ve set one) shows on the display after you put the battery in or connect the USB cable.



    CHIME TIME KEEPING - With a dual CHIME Function you're able to stay focused on the task at hand, you will know what the hour is simply by listening to the sound: CHIME1--Every Hour; CHIME2--Only From 7AM-9PM. Can be turned off during night hours.

    Please REMOVE the LED display protective film before you use.


    Please read how each switch works as follows:
    1. HR: 12/24 Hour display switch button. (PS: HOUR adjust switch also)
    2. MIN: Alarm sound switch mode. (PS: Minute adjust switch also)
    3. MODE: adjust time/Set alarm time/Chime mode/snooze function
    4. ON/OFF: Turn on/off the chime function.
    5. Install Batteries here. (3 x AAA batteries are needed, not included in the package)
    6. Two power mode: install batteries or connect with DC5V power cable.